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At Lindab we have combined our 60 years’ experience in sheet metal processing with the timeless looks of standing seam and the latest technologies in solar energy harvesting to bring you the Lindab SolarRoof.

We are bonding flexible thin-film solar cells with roofing sheets in our production, to keep high quality standards, reduce installation time and save costs for you. Panel level monitoring and performance optimisation is added, to get the most out of the solar cells. Everything is then connected together, secured against elements and the energy is fed into the house’s main board.

Our solar cells are made with the latest CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide) technology in an integrated production process and feature high energy yield in all light conditions, superior light spectrum acceptance and high shading tolerance. Overall, they work longer hours during the day, even in Scandinavian climate conditions. The uniform black appearance makes them the perfect choice for high-end architectural applications or heritage conservation areas.

The optimizers installed up on the roof ensure maximum power output and control each panel individually, which means that even if some panels are covered or in shadow, the remaining ones will perform at their best. In the same time, you can have more solar panels on the same roof, on different roof slopes. The optimisers act also as a safety switch, cutting the DC from solar panels to a safe 1V, if needed.

Being a Lindab solution, it comes without saying that Lindab SolarRoof is fully compatible with our well-known rainwater system, roof safety systems and other roof accessories.

How solar works


Solar panels
When the sun rays (photons or particles of light) hit the solar cells it knocks electrons free from atoms which generates a flow of electricity. Solar panels consists of many solar cells that are connected to each other and by connecting the front and back of a solar cell, we are able to withdraw direct current from the solar cells. By connecting several solar panels into one string, you get a higher voltage.


An optimizer converts direct current to direct current while controlling the MPPT, this means that each optimizer can adapt individually to different conditions such as shading, angle and direction. An optimizer also monitors the panels and functions as a DC circuit breaker by only producing 1V when it is switched off (receives no signal from the inverter).
MPPT or Maximum power point tracking is a function of the inverter or optimizer where it is ensured that the solar panel always operates at maximum power. Since the solar panels do not always produce a constant voltage or current, this point must be constantly adjusted.


An inverter helps turn the DC current produced by the solar panels into AC power. Besides that, the inverter has other functions such as security, monitoring and optimization. Traditional inverters also have built-in MPPT that is looking for optimum (global) point for the entire string and not the panels individually. Modern inverters with optimizers is instead looking for individual points based on each panel and not the whole string combined. Therefore, not all panels are affected when a panel becomes shaded or gets a defect.


Energy meter
The energy meter measures the amount of electricity that is being used by the customer. There are several different types of energy meters and the main difference between an old version is that the new versions measures energy flow in both directions and can calculate which electricity that is being consumed by the customer and which is sold to the grid.
The energy meter communicates with the utility company, which then automatically pays you for the sold electricity.


The grid is suitable to having a lot of micro production all over the network, the main advantage is that the energy loss in the grid is much lower when you are producing electricity and your neighbour or nearby industry consumes it then when the utility company has to transport it over long distances.



Each module produces approximatively 95 w/m2

The total cost depends on the roof type, color, coating and share of active roof area. Contact us for a detailed price quote and an energy production estimate.

Solar cells are activated by light, so even in the cloudy days they can produce energy. Their efficiency is increasing when the cloud cover is minimal and the sun is high above the horizon. Lindab Solar Roof is always a good idea when you have a roof slope towards the sun.

Best is to design your active roof area according to your current or forecasted energy needs. Have in mind that for each 1 kW you need an active area of about 13-15m2.

Energy production of your Linab SolarRoof is influenced by location of your home, roof inclination, position to the sun and share of active area. These, together energy cost at your current network supplier, subsidies and gains for energy delivered into the grid have direct influence on your roof pay-off time. When asking for al Lindab SolarRoof offer you will receive from an energy production estimate together with the cost of your project.

We are offering Lindab SolarRoof in a complete package, where solar cells are bonded to Lindab roofing sheets in a controlled environment, fee of debris, dust and humidity. Same time all accessories for Lindab SolarRoof are custom-made to suit function and aesthetics for a perfect result.

All connections are made with MC4 quick connectors, which are used to connect solar cells to the power optimizers and then to the inverter. Inverter is latter connected to the main switch board so you can use the clean energy inside your home.

Estimated operational life of our solar cells is over 30 year. The can for sure produce energy after that period.

Roofing sheets have the Lindab standard warranty, influenced by coating and environmental factors. Solar cells have a 10 year warranty for manufacturing, and 25 year for energy production (not less than 80% efficiency compared to installed power)

In our 10 step buying process you have the relevant information for your journey to a new Lindab SolarRoof, as well as when and where to apply for subsidies.

For a quick and efficient process feel free to contact us via the information in the contact section. We will be glad to assist you along the way with the right information and make it easy for you to get your Lindab SolarRoof

About Lindab

Lindab is an international Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate.

The products are characterised by their high quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency, consideration towards the environment, and are delivered with high levels of service.

We simplify construction
At Lindab, we simplify construction because it is in human nature to build. By simplifying in every stage, we make it easier to build sustainably. We develop products with the environment in mind. We invent solutions that meet the demands for comfort, simplicity and energy efficiency. We do this so that you can continue building with a clear conscience – not just today, but also tomorrow.

We are driven by a strong passion and desire to continuously generate improvements
Partly for all the customers and partners who use our products and solutions, but also for the people who live and work in our buildings. We simplify construction and help to create a healthy indoor climate. This means that fewer resources are used and that people feel better and healthier. Our vision is partly about achieving the best possible indoor environment, where fresh air is a fundamental requirement. With passion and knowledge, we are now boosting our efforts to offer the market’s best indoor climate solutions in healthy, sustainable buildings.

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